Applications for Hydrexia hydrogen storage and delivery products

Hydrexia has engaged with customers across a range of geographic markets to confirm the value that will be generated through the integration and operation of its products in multiple hydrogen storage and delivery applications.

Backup and buffer storage

Hydrexia’s ground storage product provides a lower cost, more compact and optimized product solution for providing backup hydrogen storage to on-site generation systems such as SMRs and electrolyzers.  Backup hydrogen storage for onsite generation systems is commonly provided by tube trailers, which are depleted and replaced periodically.

Hydrexia’s metal hydride solution comprises a multi-vessel storage pack that serves both buffer and backup requirements for onsite generation.  Our systems are scalable and the storage capacity can be tailored specifically to the required backup duration for the site.  As a result, our system is a smaller and lower CAPEX solution than the existing tube trailer solution. In addition, the system can be re-filled by the SMR or electrolyzer and discharged using either electricity or natural gas for heat.  Providing periodic replacement of backup hydrogen is not required, thereby reducing annual OPEX costs.  Additional operating benefits can be achieved by thermally integrating the SMR and Hydrexia system.

Industrial merchant hydrogen storage and delivery


Hydrexia’s solid-state trailer provides a new and superior method for delivering hydrogen to merchant industrial markets, such as metals refining, food processing, pharmaceuticals, float glass production and power plants.  Tube trailers are currently the preferred method for industrial hydrogen delivery, where liquid hydrogen supply is not available.  Hydrexia’s solid-state hydrogen storage system offers a lower cost alternative to tube trailers, with capital cost savings up to 50% and total cost of ownership savings up to 30%.  Furthermore, our trailer system achieves significantly higher storage density than compressed hydrogen storage, offering a smaller footprint solution at the customer site.  The trailer platform also operates at low pressure (up to 10 bar), which provides safety advantages over compressed hydrogen systems.

Hydrexia’s low-cost storage and delivery solution, coupled with low-cost by-product hydrogen, allows us to deliver hydrogen at a lower cost and lower GHG footprint than existing SMR production and tube trailer delivery market offerings.  By providing a low-cost alternative to hydrogen delivery, our solutions can stimulate growth in renewable hydrogen sources for industrial and energy markets, and avoid reliance on large capital investments required for new SMR production capacity or hydrogen liquefaction plants for low-cost distribution.

Renewable energy storage

renewal-energy-storage-thumb-200Hydrogen is a viable energy storage medium for industrial-scale renewable energy generation. Hydrexia’s high performance and low cost ground storage and mobile delivery hydrogen storage systems have the potential to play an important role in this growing market with synergies in operating pressures and the underpinning value proposition.