Hydrexia releases hydrogen storage product for commercial evaluation

Hydrogen storage system for commercial evaluation

12 November 2014: Hydrexia has released its first commercial product for customer evaluation. Hydrexia’s product for ground storage of hydrogen has been field-tested by a major industrial gas company.  The system was installed and commissioned in October 2014 and is operating outdoors in all-weather conditions. 

Field-testing has evaluated the Hydrexia system against important market requirements, including storage capacity, cyclic performance, hydrogen flow rate and pressure, load following dynamics, as well as startup and shutdown operation. Testing to date has confirmed that all product specifications were either met or exceeded.

Metal hydride storage vessels each hold a maximum of 18kg of hydrogen. Multiple vessels can be packaged together for larger capacities.  A balance of plant system provides thermal management and controls for storage pack operation.  The integrated Hydrexia system provides a turnkey ground storage solution that is smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than traditional compressed hydrogen storage.  This is a significant step in the commercialization of this lower cost, disruptive technology in the hydrogen delivery market.

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