Production facility established for hydrogen storage systems

Hydrogen storage system production facility

08 February 2016

The commercialisation of Hydrexia’s unique hydrogen storage technology has taken another significant step forward with the establishment of a low volume production facility in Queensland, Australia. The 5,000m2 facility in Brisbane is dedicated to the assembly and verification of the modular hydrogen storage vessels. This flexible approach enables customers to select configurable amounts of hydrogen storage to meet their needs. Additional subsystems, required to satisfy other specific customer requirements, are designed in Brisbane and produced in-region, thus optimising supply chains and efficiently managing country specific regulatory matters.

Previous pilot-scale work and demonstration systems have enabled the optimisation of the fundamental materials technology (using Hydrexia’s proprietary magnesium alloy), together with the equipment and processes needed to transition to the production of hydrogen storage systems. Activities have also included the design and build of world’s first production equipment, undertaken to minimise product costs whilst maximising subsequent system performance.

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