Hydrogen Storage

Magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage trailer

High hydrogen storage capacity
1 ton per trailer
Normal pressure and temperature
Superior safety
Transportation cost
Greatly cost reduction
Dynamic tracking
Intelligent operation

Magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage equipment

Multi-cylinder packs
Smart layout

Hydrogen Refueling Station

Key Hydrogen Refueling Station Equipment

Hydrogen Dispenser
Supply Cabinet
Cascade Refueling Cabinet
D3series hydrogen refueling Dispenser
Emphasizing safety and quality, using minimalistic design;
The average flow rate of the hydrogen refueling dispenser can reach 1.8kg/min, under the condition of supporting chilled water pre-cooling;
Richer sensor configuration to comprehensively monitor the operation status of the equipment;
Automated leak detection, more detailed identification of leak risks;
The function of automatic pressure relief creates a safe ambient environment, also effectively improves the service life of equipment accessories.
D5series Hydrogen Dispenser
Effectively control the pressure increase rate during the refueling process, making the refueling process more controllable, and further improving the safety of equipment operation;
Differentiated operations for logistics vehicles and buses to achieve a more efficient and faster refueling experience.
S2Series Supply Cabinet
Temperature transmitter, large basket filter, full-lift safety valve, automated leak detection, double cut-off automatic valve set, ensuring the safety operation
S4Series Supply Cabinet
Equipped with 10.1 inch touch-type explosion-proof central control screen for visual operation based on the S2 series;
Independent nitrogen supply system, guarantees the stability of instrument gas supply
C1Cascade Refueling Cabinet
Modular design, automated leak detection
Temperature transmitter, temperature detection
Large diameter pipe valves, pressure loss reduction

Our Advantages

Advanced Technology
Strong independent R&D and design capabilities
Created from Queensland University, support by the highly capable scientific research team
Cooperation with Howden, an international compressor company
Professional team
Highly experienced management team
Well-known university academicians R&D team
Professional qualification operation team
Rich experience in HRS construction
and operation
Creating an operating system with own intellectual property rights
Solve industry pain points
Hydrogen storage and transportation
Insufficient optimization of hydrogen refueling stations
Insufficient equipment matching
Building business ecosystem
Establishing hydrogen-station linkage with high-quality hydrogen suppliers
Establishing vehicle-station linkage with mainstream fuel cell companies


Hydrexia is specialized in solid-state hydrogen storage equipment, successfully designed, built and tested systems that stores hydrogen in solid form, based on a proprietary magnesium alloy.
This innovative technology enables hydrogen to be stored more economically with less space and weight, at much reduced pressure and with increased safety. This will enable existing merchant hydrogen markets to be serviced better for less costs and increase the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier. Besides, Hydrexia expands its business to the R&D and production of key equipment of hydrogen refueling stations and construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations.