Professional team

Experienced design and management team,
mostly from well-known gas companies
Rich experience in the hydrogen industry
Professional academician teams as the core R&D team
Engaged in hydrogen storage and transportation materials research for about 30 years
Operation staff with required certificates, passed rigorous assessment with professional qualifications

Advanced Technologies

Independent R&D capabilities
Advantages of Magnesium-based Solid-State Hydrogen Storage
Independent research and development of high-density magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage equipment, focusing on the R&D and production of high-density magnesium alloy solid-state hydrogen storage products.
Hydrexia uses novel hydride materials to make low pressure hydrogen storage systems with high storage densities that are safer and cost less than existing compressed gas systems.
The breakthrough products provide significant CAPEX and OPEX savings to the customer and reduce the hydrogen storage and supply footprint by 75% over conventional gas storage and transportation methods.
Hydrexia has engaged with customers across a range of geographic markets to confirm the value that will be generated through the integration and operation of its products in multiple hydrogen storage and delivery applications.
Independent research and development of key equipment for hydrogen refueling station, including hydrogen dispenser, high-safety supply cabinet, etc. The equipment employs a stable and safe connection method, focusing on aesthetics, high-quality, and modular design, while improving performance, it optimizes customer experience.

Hydrexia’s innovative technology is based on an alloy which negates the need for expensive, energy intensive and difficult-to-scale, traditional ball milling.
The alloys are produced using conventional casting equipment, and are therefore expected to have significant economic benefits over hydrogen storage materials produced by high energy processes.
This underpins an overall system design philosophy to enable the lowest delivered hydrogen cost to the customer. Hydrexia’s material has fast and controllable kinetics and reduced activiation time for the first hydriding reaction.

Advantages of Magnesium-based Solid-state Hydrogen Storage

Magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage means that the reversible reacion between magnesium alloy and hydrogen gas occurs, which realizes the storage and supply of hydrogen gas

Performance Advantages

High density hydrogen storage

Technical Advantages

Simple hydrogen absorption and desorption process

Resource Advantages

Rich Magnesium resource

Environmental Advantages

Magnesium alloy can be recycled

Building Business Ecosystem

Hydrexia cooperates with high-quality hydrogen supplier, solve the problem of source of hydrogen, ensure the hydrogen supply has price advantage, guarantee both quality and quantity, form the linkage between hydrogen and station

Solving industry pain points

Hydrogen storage and transportation
Insufficient equipment matching
Insufficient optimization of hydrogen refueling stations

Hydrogen storage and transportation

With regard to the problem of storage and transportation of hydrogen, Hydrexia has worked with well-known university to develop high-density, high-safety magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage technology.

Insufficient equipment matching

With regard to the problem of insufficient matching between various equipment in the traditional hydrogen refueling station, Hydrexia has designed the entire station control system to ensure safety, quality, reliability, efficiency and low-cost operation.

Insufficient optimization of hydrogen refueling stations

With regard to the problem of insufficient optimization of hydrogen refueling stations and weak technical foundations, Hydrexia has introduced Howden, the compressor supplier, to jointly develop cost-effective compressors that meet customer needs.